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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." *** Nelson Mandela ***The object of EDUCATION is to prepare THE YOUNG to educate themselves throughout their LIVES." ***Robert M. Hutchins ***

Yellow Jacket Theatre Company

The Yellow Jacket Theatre Company is excited to announce that this May, we will be presenting a first-ever event - a production jointly produced by the High School AND Junior High Theatre Departments! - sort of...


A brand new play has arrived  in Texas; "The One Act Play That Goes Poorly" written by a veteran UIL Director himself, Don Zolidis. We will only be the second company on the planet to produce it! 

In this comical play within a play, a fictional School District is presenting it's UIL Competition play to the community in which it resides - a non-authorized, no budget adaptation of the film "Ocean's Eleven" in under thirty five minutes.  But the players and teacher are not ready.  Everything that could possibly go wrong, does.  An actor with the flu.  An understudy reading from a script (poorly).  A diva who can't act her way out of a paper bag.  A lighting designer in a love feud with one of the actors who keeps turning the lights off on them. And a desperate Theatre teacher trying to hold it all together without strangling any of them!  Hilarity ensues as the disaster unfolds on stage, all in front of a live audience.