Llano High School Livestock Judging Team 20-21

The Llano FFA Livestock judging team has had a great run thus far this spring season.  The team has finished in the top three at five out of seven contests and has not finished lower than fifteenth at any contest.  The team finished 2nd at Jacksboro, 3rd at Clarendon, 2nd at Angelo State and 1st at Tarleton.  The team finished 2nd at the Area 7 contest in College Station which qualifies them for the state contest on April 27th in College Station.

Individually, team members have been outstanding.  Dillon Prokop has had a tremendous year.  He has not finished lower than 13th at any contest.  He was high individual at Jacksboro, 2nd at Clarendon, 4th at Angelo and 5th at the Patriot in Abilene.  Steele Kenney also has had an outstanding year.  He has finished in the top 20 at every contest this year.  He was 5th high at Tarleton, 10th at Fredericksburg, 4th at Denton and high individual at the Area 7 contest. This is the second year in a row that a Llano FFA member has won the area contest as Dillon Prokop was high individual in 2019.   Other top 10 individual performances this year are Stran Schilling 9th at Denton and 3rd high at Tarleton, and Ross Edwards 6th high at Tarleton.

Team members are Dillon Prokop, Steele Kenney, Ross Edwards, Cade Whitson, Carson Kuykendall, Stran Schilling, Isabella Rusche and coached by Chapel Schuessler.